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A personal Injury occurs when a person has suffered some form of injury as a result of an accident. When the accident is the fault of another party, the injured person may be entitled to compensation from the person responsible...

Slip and Fall Accidents

You may think that slipping and falling is more of an act of clumsiness than an incident, but actually this is not always the case. Slipping and falling can constitute a personal injury claim under the right...


Automobile accidents, including those with trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and boats, cause thousands of injuries and deaths each year. These accidents occur every year as a result of inattention, speeding, drunk...

Criminal Defense

When under investigation for a criminal offense, or already arrested and charged, it is critically important to make the first move to start protecting your rights. Don’t give the prosecutor the edge. Call us anytime to...

Mission Statement 

We represent the injured and the accused. Whether its injuries from a car crash or an arrest for allegedly committing a crime, our goal is to provide excellent legal representation with professionalism and personal attention. With Clearwater Legal Center, we never want you to feel like a number or just one of thousands of clients. We care about you and your case.

Sometimes, by ourselves, we are not strong enough, or properly prepared, to confront and fight those who have injured us or those who seek to deprive us of our rights and liberties. Make no mistake. Insurance companies and prosecutors are not on your side. Hire Clearwater Legal Center to stand by your side and stand up for your rights.

We specialize in the following areas of law:
PERSONAL INJURY (Automobile Crashes, Slip & Falls, Assault/Battery, Negligent Security, Dog Bites, Boating Accidents, ATV Accidents, Motorcycle Crashes).


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